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Author: Mélange Salon


Healthy, shiny hair starts with a healthy diet and plenty of water. It can be enhanced by the use of heat protecting styling products as well as sprays and creams to add texture and shine. Additionally, semipermanent clear additives to color treatments are available to create brillance and long-lasting reflection of light. Ask your professional hair stylist for details.


One of the most common complaints about hair color is that it fades. A great way to slow this fading process is in the daily care of your hair. Using tepid water instead of hot water will prolong the life of the color. By shampooing less often, color pigment remains in the hair longer. The use of dry shampoos and rinsing well before applying shampoo, will aid in color protection. Also available are shampoos designed to extend the life of the color. These products are available for purchase at your next visit.


Paul Mitchell professional hair products are designed to be reactivated with heat. Your stylist is happy to teach you tricks of the trade so that your hairstyle can be changed day by day with creative new looks each time.

Denise Martin

I am a regular with Ramona and Anita for about 4 yrs now. The most wonderful group of ladies in olive branch. Very good, talented, professional and fun people. All you girls are my besties. I love you all!!!!

~ Denise Martin

Tammy Russell

Love this place. Would never go anywhere else they can make you look and feel great.

~ Tammy Russell

Kristy Boone Jennings

I have been going to this salon over 10 years and all I can say that this is an amazing group of women. The service has always been excellent with such a warm and friendly atmosphere.

~ Kristy Boone Jennings

Ramona Callahan

“EVERY shampoo service includes an incredible scalp massage, and EVERY haircut or color service includes design consultation, shampoo experience, and style finish with tips on styling hair at home.”

~ Ramona Callahan, Owner, Melange Salon

Sandy Kneller

“Melange Salon has the friendliest staff of any salon I’ve been to in many years. Also I’m always pleased with the service I receive & feel that I look good when I leave. It’s an enjoyable & relaxing experience. Thank you!”

~ Sandy Kneller


“The atmosphere in this salon is wonderful. Relaxed, friendly, interesting – contemporary, but with that welcoming and warm small-town feel. I enjoy my time there; they call me by name. My stylist talks to me like a true friend and I can share my daily and family life experiences without the sense that she is listening to me because she is supposed to be doing that. My haircuts are always sharp, stylish, and suit me well.”

~ Anonymous